Washi Castle

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The early history of Washi Castle is unknown but records from a disturbance in 1380-1382 indicate Washi Castle as the main castle with satellite fortifications at Gion Castle, Chofuku Castle, and Nakakuki Castle. Sometime after this, Gion Castle became the main castle. Washi castle was likely used as a fortification of Gion Castle until they were abandoned in 1619. Refer to the history of Gion Castle for more details.

Visit Notes

There really is not much to see here. There are 2 main large baileys with embankments and trenches around them. The second trench is much farther out and I did not have time to visit. Together with Gion Castle and Nakakuki Castle, this set of Oyama Clan Castles are designated National Historic Sites. Even though it was still April the trenches were thick with weeds and mosquitoes and the bottom was very muddy so I would recommend a visit in winter. The map below is interesting because you can easily see the trench and embankment around the bailey. The big open space is now a farm field and much of the other green areas are off limits.

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  • Sign post by the road
  • Entrance to the Washi Shrine and castle ruins
  • Washi Shrine
  • Nakajo Bailey. This is the edge overlooking the river. You can see some slight embankment here too.
  • Embankment
  • Above the embankment for the big trench
  • Trench and embankment
  • Path between the Nakajo and NIshijo baileys
  • Entrance to the Nakajo Bailey from the Nishiho Bailey
  • Trench
  • An embankment in the Nakajo Bailey
  • Map. The shrine is the red marker in the bottom left

Castle Profile
English Name Washi Castle
Japanese Name 鷲城
Founder Oyama clan
Year Founded late Heian Period / early Kamakura Period
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations National Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Oyama Sta. (JR Tohoku Line), 30 mins walk
Visitor Information park and temple grounds
Time Required 20 mins
Website https://www.tochigiji.or.jp/spot/6606/
Location Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 18' 16.85" N, 139° 47' 8.66" E
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