Yaga Castle (Tanba)

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The origins of Yagajō are obscure but it may have been built by the Naitō Clan. No ruins remain and the castle site is now a temple called Anrakuji. Yagajō measured about 170m on each side, built in a simple square layout. It was likely a fortified residence overseeing a local fief. In modern times a turret originally located at Sonobejō was acquired by Anrakuji and moved to the site.

Visit Notes

Yagajō was an incidental castle visit for me, as it may be for most who go. I stopped by here, now the site of a temple, en route to Sasayama Castle, to see the relocated Taiko-yagura (drum tower) from Sonobe Castle. The yagura (turret) is very comely. It happens that the temple, built with a structure from Sonobejō, was built upon the site of Yagajō, though the drum tower has nothing to do with Yagajō otherwise.

  • The site of Yaga Castle is now Anrakuji Temple. The temple's drum tower was relocated from Sonobe Castle.

Castle Profile
English Name Yaga Castle (Tanba)
Japanese Name 丹波屋賀城
Founder Naitou Clan
Year Founded Medieval Times
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations has Important Cultural Properties
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Yagura relocated from Sonobe Castle
Features turrets
Visitor Information
Access Yagi Station on the San'in Main Line; 30 minute walk
Visitor Information Anrakuji Temple; mostly open / free
Time Required 10 minutes
Location Nantan, Kyoto
Coordinates 35° 4' 17.04" N, 135° 33' 14.22" E
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