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Yoita-jin’ya was established in 1634 as a sub-domain of Nagaoka Domain valued at 10,000 koku for Makino Yasunari, the second son of Makino Tadanori who had been lord of Nagaoka Castle.

Ii Naonori took over Yoita-jin’ya in 1705 with a fief valued at 20,000 koku, rebuilding the fortifications and changing the central location of the jin’ya.

In 1804 Ii Naoaki became a wakadoshiyori, or ‘junior elder’, in the Edo-bakufu administration. With this rank Lord Naoaki was able to expand Yoita-jin’ya into a small scale fortress, and the jin’ya officially became a castle, Yoitajō. The expanded complex had an inner and outer bailey, both surrounded by water-filled moats fed from the Shinano River which also formed a natural barrier.

Yoita-jin’ya, aligned with imperial forces during the Boshin War, was attacked by Tokugawa loyalists in 1868 and destroyed.

Visit Notes

Yoita-jin’ya is a jin’ya site in Yoita Town, Nagaoka Municipality. No ruins remain on site, but a kabukimon-style gate and walls have been reconstructed. Inside of the walls there is a carpark. At least three relocated gates are identified with Yoita-jin’ya. Two are found in Yoita. The kiritemon has been relocated to Ongyōji, a temple around the corner from the jin’ya. The ôtemon (main gate) has been relocated to the Yoita-betsuin, a local Honganji branch temple; it is the smaller of the temple’s two gates. A final gate, which seems a little more dubious to me in its origins, can be found at Saifukuji, a temple in Nagaoka city (proper). This gate is referred to simply as jōmon, meaning ‘castle gate’, so what function it had at the jin’ya appears unknown.

Yoita-jin’ya is sometimes referred to as ‘Yoitajō’ but it is located on the plain between two yamajiro sites, Yoitajō and Motoyoitajō, which were the original Yoita castles.

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  • jin'ya kabukimon seen from within compound
  • Relocated gate at Ongyouji
  • Relocated gate at the Yoita-betsuin
  • Relocated gate at Saifukuji
  • Jin'ya seen from road

Castle Profile
English Name Yoita Jin'ya
Japanese Name 与板陣屋
Alternate Names Yoitajō (與板城)
Founder Makino Yasunari; Ii Naonori; Ii Naoaki
Year Founded 1634; 1705; 1804
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Edo Period
Features gates
Visitor Information
Access Nearest station is Mitsuke Station on the Shin’etsu Line
Visitor Information Open 24/7; free (carpark)
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture
Coordinates 37° 32' 39.01" N, 138° 48' 40.93" E
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