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Akasaka became Shogunal territory in 1601. Akasaka-jin’ya was administered by a daikan, Shogunal deputy, and was actually the centre of sub-fief attached to Nakaizumi-jin’ya in Tôtōmi Province. The first castellan was Nakagawa Kansuke. The site was relocated nearby in 1689 to the site in the current shukuba area; the first castellan of the new jin’ya was Ōta Yutayū. Akasaka-jin’ya was a type of jin’ya known in Aichi as a shukuba jin’ya because it was located in the centre of Akasaka-juku, a shukuba (inn town) on the Tōkaidō, Japan’s most important trade route. Two temples were located either side of the jin’ya. Nearby, also on the southern side of the road, were the honjin (main inn, for daimyō) and wakihonjin (spare main inn). In this built-up setting Akasaka-in’ya was lightly fortified and built on a slope set back from the main road. The shukuba itself had fortified gate areas in a crank layout. In the Meiji period the jin’ya was converted into the Mikawa Prefectural Office.

Visit Notes

Akasaka-jin’ya is a jin’ya site in Akasaka Township, Toyokawa Municipality. The site is now a nursery and no ruins remain on-site. Although I did also check out a gate which is said to be a structure relocated from the jin’ya; it is the sanmon (main gate) of Hōunji, a temple located some distance to the southwest. The sanmon’s structure does indeed look quite old.

Asakaka-juku is an old post town on the Tōkaidō. The most notable surviving structure from the Edo period is (unfortunately not the jin’ya but) an inn called the Ohhashi Inn. It appears to be open to the public but it was already past closing time when I came by. A large signboard opposite the honjin (main inn) site shows a map of the shukuba as it existed in the Edo period, and the jin’ya and its layout is shown on it.

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  • Relocated Gate from Jin'ya
  • Rear of relocated gate
  • Map showing jin'ya layout
  • Map showing entrance to shukuba
  • Floor plan of Akasaka-juku main inn
  • Map of whole shukuba as it stood
  • Town Rules Board
  • Ohhashi Inn

Castle Profile
English Name Akasaka Jin'ya
Japanese Name 赤坂陣屋
Alternate Names 赤坂代官所
Founder Nakagawa Kansuke; Ōta Yutayū
Year Founded 1601; 1689
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Edo Period
Artifacts Relocated Gate
Features gates
Visitor Information
Access Meidein-Akasaka Station on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line; 10 minute walk
Visitor Information Ohhashiya opens 10-4 except Mondays
Time Required 30 minutes or longer for shukuba
Location Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 51' 21.78" N, 137° 18' 24.19" E
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