Annaka Row House




This row house, or nagaya, was built in the mid 1800's. It is a typical lower class samurai residence. The Annaka Domain, however, was not a very wealthy domain so most middle class samurai also lived in the same or similar type of quarters. This nagaya originally had 4 apartments, but only three were left in modern times. When the city took possession of the building they rebuilt it with the fourth apartment using original blueprints for the house. It was opened in 1992. Today, the nagaya opens up onto a yard or Japanese garden but originally this house likely did not have a garden for viewing but used the space to grow vegetables. When I was at this house someone was telling a group of children that people were still living in the house when he was young.


Annaka Row House Profile
English Name Annaka Row House
Japanese Name 安中武家長屋
Year early to mid 1800's
Residence Type Lower Class
Designations Local Historic Site
Features House
Visitor Information 9am-5pm (Dec-Feb: 9am-4:30pm); 210 yen entrance fee for both samurai homes
Website spot/daimyou buke.html
Location Annaka, Gunma Prefecture
Castle Annaka Castle
Coordinates 36° 19' 41.16" N, 138° 53' 40.70" E
Annaka Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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Visits March 11, 2018
Added Jcastle 2018

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