Atami Coast Quarries


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Much of the stone quarries around the more level terrain of Atami have been heavily developed over and nothing remains of the quarries that were here at one time. Excavations at the Kinomiya Shrine uncovered the remnants of a stone quarry and some stones with ya-ana holes and kokuin are on display there now.

This set of photos also includes some from other locations where kokuin stones are also on display. The most significant one is a border stone with the name "Hashiba Ukon" carved into it. Unfortunately, this is not the original location of the stone. It was moved from the Chubarikubo Stone Quarry in the mountains near Atami.

  • Hashiba Ukon border stone
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    Atami Coast Quarries Profile
    English Name Atami Coast Quarries
    Japanese Name 熱海海岸
    Location Atami, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Castle Edo Castle
    Coordinates 35° 6' 1.44" N, 139° 4' 4.37" E
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    Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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    36 months ago
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    Not surprised little has survived in Atami. By the way, there was a sign at the ropeway which pointed out Hatsushima, saying that it was used as a quarry site, which is how I knew about that.