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Chiba Tsuneshige built a large scale castle around this site in the 1100's. His descendents ruled over the area from this castle until the 1400's. In 1455, Makuwari Yasutane, a relative of the Chiba, attacked the castle and defeated the Chiba. Makuwari took the name of Chiba and built a new castle (Motosakura Castle) in nearby Sakura abandoning Chiba Castle.

Visit Notes

This reconstruction is very misleading. This castle never had such a magnificent main keep. The castle is from well before such large keeps were even built. I avoided posting this castle on my site for a long time because of this, but it is an actual castle site and many people ask me about it so I finally visited it on my way back from Otaki Castle.

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  • earthen embankments
  • earthen embankments

Castle Profile
English Name Chiba Castle
Japanese Name 千葉城
Alternate Names Inohana-jo
Founder Chiba Tsuneshige
Year Founded 1126
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features main keep, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Honchiba Sta (Sotobo Line)
Visitor Information
Time Required
Website top.html
Location Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 36' 16.96" N, 140° 7' 36.44" E
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Added to Jcastle 2009
Admin Year Visited 2009
Admin Visits June 20, 2009

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54 months ago
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In 1126 Chiba Tsuneshige built a castle here. However, this is not that castle. In 1455 the Chiba were defeated and the site was abandoned. A new castle was built at Motosakura to replace it, of which today only earthworks remain. So actually Chiba City built this generic early Edo period castle in Inohana park to replace the Sengoku period one built by Chiba Tsuneshige in 1126. The castle is on a small hill within only a small park. There are no earthworks obvious or moat. Some say it's out of place, historically misleading and a waste of the tax money of the citizens of Chiba. I say "Eh meh gerd, it's a castle."

Kiddus i2003Gunshi

102 months ago
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Looked good, but closed on the day I arrived.


123 months ago
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If I weren't passing through Chiba City on my way back to Tokyo from Sakura Castle, I would not have bothered with this castle site. It is quite disappointing. Having sussed out what others have said, I was mentally prepared for a fake concrete reconstruction where that was no such castle keep in its day. However, they could have had a much better museum inside this fairly big reconstructed castle keep. There was hardly anything in the castle museum about its design and history. No wonder it cost only 60 yen to get in. This is barely a one-star castle site for me.

Anonymous user #1

125 months ago
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Not worth visiting. As said the reconstruction is unfaithful and the look of the just looks wrong and aritificial. This big tower plonked in the middle of a drab urban residential area. The grounds surrounding it are tiny and pretty standard fair of a few trees and open spaces. Inside the castle looks to be offices or somesuch before the doors remained closed to me.

One humerous thing about this castle is they've built a modern viewing platform in front of it, in a position that should be rather good for viewing it....though they've planted a bunch of trees between said platform and the castle. Your tax money at work people of Chiba!

Anonymous user #1

142 months ago
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Downtown Chiba, collocated with Ward office and theater. An interesting urban setting with many older buildings surrounding.