Choshu Nishi-ke Nagaya




This structure is part of a bukeyashiki (samurai house) of the old Chōshū Domain located in the jōkamachi (castle town) of Kushizakijō; it is not the omoya (main building) but a nagaya (rowhouse) which was used as an annex to the residence's gatehouse before being relocated. The bukeyashiki belonged to the Nishi family, retainers of the Mōri of Chōshū. As hereditary vassals, the Nishi served Chōshū as Umamawari. Umamawari were a type of elite mounted guard whose battlefield roles included accompanying the general's horse around the battlefield, serving as the general's body guard, serving as a messenger, or fighting as an elite trooper. Peacetime roles included acting as a mounted guard, or performing administrative duties as the lord's aide-de-camp. In this role the Nishi family earned 220 koku. The construction date of the Nagaya is not known, but it is thought to date to the Late Edo Period.


Choshu Nishi-ke Nagaya Profile
English Name Choshu Nishi-ke Nagaya
Japanese Name 長州藩西家長屋
Year Late Edo Period
Residence Type Middle Class
Designations Local Historic Site
Features House
Visitor Information Free
Location Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Castle Kushizaki Castle
Coordinates 33° 59' 46.25" N, 130° 59' 15.47" E
Kushizaki Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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