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Akechi Mitsuhide built Fukuchiyama Castle under the orders of Oda Nobunaga for his attacks on the Tanba area. After the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 Arima Toyouji became lord of the castle. He expanded and fortified the castle into the Fukuchiyama Castle we see today. Lordship of the castle changed hands a number of times until Kutsuki Tanemaki became lord of the castle in 1669. From then until the Meiji Restoration, 13 generations of the Kutsuki family ruled over Fukuchiyama.

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Castle Profile
English Name Fukuchiyama Castle
Japanese Name 福知山城
Founder Akechi Mitsuhide
Year Founded 1579
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Designations Next 100 Castles, Local Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Main Keep Structure 3 levels, 4 floors
Year Reconstructed 1985 (concrete)
Features main keep, gates, turrets, stone walls, walls
Visitor Information
Access Fukuchiyama Sta (Fukuchiyama Line); 15 min walk
Visitor Information
Time Required
Website http://www.city.fukuchiyama.kyoto.jp/modules/kanko2/
Location Fukuchiyama, Kyoto
Coordinates 35° 17' 48.48" N, 135° 7' 46.27" E
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41 months ago
Score 1++
I got a nice panoramic view of this castle by climbing the hill behind the city hall, hokimaru park.


55 months ago
Score 0++
Visited 13 Nov 2016. A concrete castle, but a quite good-looking reconstruction nonetheless. Great views of the surrounding area. As described in a previous comment, there's a good number of ten’yōseki embedded in the tenshu base - possibly the densest concentration I've seen thus far. The Satō Taisei Memorial Art Museum at the foot of the hill was designed to look like a turret, and complements the castle quite nicely. https://with...vember-2016/


57 months ago
Score 0++
The highlight here are the ten'yōseki (転用石) in the ishigaki. Ten'yōseki are stones that had some other function (stone Buddhist pagodas; millstones; lanterns) before they ended up in the stone castle wall. The oldest of these ten'yōseki bears an inscription from the year 1359. Apart from these man-made objects, only natural stones were used for the ishigaki; in others words, no stones were cut specifically for the wall.


123 months ago
Score 0++
I finally made it inside this castle. My first visit here, a couple of years ago, was on a day when it was closed. Visitors beware. This castle is closed on Tuesdays or if the Tuesday is a public holiday, it will open and then close on the following day. The staff was pretty stoked when they found that a foreigner came all the way up to northern Kyoto to visit their reconstructed castle. This is quite a nice castle to visit with an okay museum. Of course, a working knowledge of Japanese is a must if you want to understand the displays. No photography is allowed inside the museum except for one small tatami room where you may put on the fake samurai helmets there. There were three helmets when I went. Entry into the castle museum cost 210yen.


132 months ago
Score 0++
Today i visited this castle.It's a really nice reconstruction. The interior is a modern one with little artifacts on show, but with a very nice lookout. If you come/go from/to Kyoto, prepare to take a picture on the train. You will pass not that far from the castle and it's the unique chance to take a nice picture from afar. I discovered it too late and tried to make a photo on the train to Osaka. Sadly this line is further away from the castle.