Fukui Castle - Kokuin

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Fukui Castle - Kokuin


Fukui Castle was built by the Tokugawa Bakufu and entrusted to Ieyasu's second son Yuki Hideyasu. It was built by multiple daimyo from across the country as one of the tenkabushin castles. Because of this, you may find many kokuin (mason's marks) around the stone walls. These typically indicate who quarried the stone or where. You will also find a couple kokuin on the top stones of some of the castle walls. Such marks were often used to mark off sections of the wall designated to different daimyo. Of particular interest is a section of the Ninomaru Moat stone wall that was uncovered in 1973 when they built the city office building. Part of the wall has been restored above ground. Many of these stones have large and clear kokuin, including the axe seen below.

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