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Fukushimajō first appears in history as Daibutsujō when in 1413 Date Mochimune rebelled against the Ashikaga Shogunate (Muromachi-bakufu) by shutting himself up there. The Date ruled throughout most of the Muromachi period. As the name Daibtsujō suggests, during this time the castle contained a large statue of Birushana-butsu (Vairocana Buddha) called Suginome-Daibutsu. From this period a squat stone hōtō survives in the castle’s second bailey.

In 1592 Gamō Ujisato conquered the area with his capture of nearby Ohmori Castle. His retainer, Kimura Yoshikiyo, took Fukushimajō, as then renamed by Gamō, a much more auspicious appellation. In 1600 the Battle of Matsukawa took place on the plains outside the castle. During the Edo period Tadakuni Honda was castellan from 1679 and he was succeeded by Masanaka Hotta in 1686. With the creation of Fukushima-han (Domain) in 1702, the Itakura-shi (clan) ruled. The construction of the last Edo period castle was begun with Hotta and completed by Itakura. In 1868 the castle was surrendered to the Satchō Alliance and the domain was abolished the following year. The castle was then demolished.

Visit Notes

Honmaru is now the site of the Fukushima Prefectural Offices.

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Castle Profile
English Name Fukushima Castle
Japanese Name 福島城
Founder Kimura Yoshikiyo
Year Founded 1413; 1512
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Fukushima Sta. (Tohoku Main Line), 15 min. walk
Visitor Information free, park open 24/7
Time Required 40 minutes
Location Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
Coordinates 37° 45' 1.62" N, 140° 28' 8.15" E
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