Funabiki Residence




This is one of four remaining middle class samurai residences in Mikazuki. I cannot find any more information on it. The house does not seem to be lived in but it has nice walls around two sides of the property.


  • Funabiki Residence Profile
    English Name Funabiki Residence
    Japanese Name 船曳邸
    Year Edo Period
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Features Gates, House
    Visitor Information private property
    Location Sayo, Hyogo Prefecture
    Castle Mikazuki Jin'ya
    Coordinates 34° 59' 24.32" N, 134° 26' 3.80" E
    Mikazuki Jin'ya and nearby Samurai Homes
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    Visits November 4, 2023
    Added Jcastle 2024
    Contributor Eric

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