Fushimi Castle - Gokonomiya Shrine

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Fushimi Castle - Gokonomiya Shrine


The Sanmon Gate of Gokonomiya Shrine was the Otemon of Hideyoshi's Fushimi Castle.

The entrance (kuruma-yose) to the main hall was also relocated from the palace at Fushimi Castle. It has elaborate carvings and was gifted by Tokugawa Yorinobu in 1625.

The walls outside the compound are also remains from Fushimi Castle's walls and you will find several stones that were from the castle walls decorating the interior of the shrine. Some of these stones have kokuin (mason's marks) too so look out for them. This shrine is unique in that it pays homage to both of the lords who ruled over Fushimi Castle. A Toyokuni Shrine is dedicated to Hideyoshi and a Toshogu Shrine is dedicated to Ieyasu. There is a small museum on the site that is sometimes open that houses some relics of the castle like roof tiles but it was not open when I visited.

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