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The Futo Stone Quarry (also known as the Nehara Quarry) is an oceanside quarry where the large boulders along the coast were split for castle stones. The quarry belonged to the Mori of Hagi and you can see some great kokuin of a line over a circle which is a simplification of the Mori family crest (kamon).  There are a couple big stones with a huge kokuin marking the boundary of their territory. On one side of their territory is said to have been a quarry for the Owari Tokugawa at one point but there is no evidence of any remaining kokuin from the Owari.

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Futo Stone Quarry Profile
English Name Futo Stone Quarry
Japanese Name 富戸石丁場
Location Manazuru, Shizuoka Prefecture
Castle Edo Castle
Coordinates 34° 54' 8.60" N, 139° 8' 0.82" E
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Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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These beach quarries are interesting.