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Taira no Kiyomori ordered a retainer, Oba Kagechika, to build Ganjaku Castle on the summit of Mt. Ganjaku. It was completed in 1158. After that, the castle changed hands frequently due to war. Once Hideyoshi conquered Kyushu, Ganjaku Castle came under the control of the lord of Kokura Castle. It was dismantled in 1615 under the One Castle per Domain law. The fact that it lasted so long attests to it's strategic value as a castle. The top of the mountain offers great views of the surrounding area, fresh water can be found in the castle, and the the rocky outcroppings and cliffs form natural barriers.

Visit Notes

The site of the castle is really a sad thing. There isn't any explanation in english and i think the tenshukaku is nothing like it was. There are only 2 armors and the rest of the building is used as a local paintings-museum. Next to the Tenshukaku is a healthcenter, built as a goten on the outside, but very modern inside.

Photos and profile by Jcastle member Furinkazan

Though not pictured here, there are several horikiri, moats, earthen embankments, a well, and parts of stone walls scattered around the mountain. The main keep is a mock castle built by the city for about 7.5 million USD. For that cost I'd like to see them put some efforts into preserving the ruins of this important castle.(Jcastle).

  • mock keep
  • mock reconstructed keep
  • gate

Castle Profile
English Name Ganjaku Castle
Japanese Name 岩石城
Founder Taira no Kiyomori
Year Founded 1158
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Main Keep Structure concrete
Year Reconstructed 1991
Features main keep, trenches, stone walls, walls
Visitor Information
Access JR Soeda Station; walk 15 mins
Visitor Information Admission Fee: Free Closed: Dec.29-31
Time Required 40 mins
Location Soeda, Fukuoka Prefecture
Coordinates 33° 34' 16.90" N, 130° 51' 50.94" E
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