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The Goinden served as a retreat and retirement palace for the Shōnai Domain lords from 1864 and after their deposition as feudal lords following the abolition of feudalism in 1871. The halls were originally part of the Sakai Clan nakayashiki (middle residence) in Edo, and were deconstructed and transported by boat to be reconstructed in Tsuruoka. Originally part of a much larger complex, the remaining halls include a tea room, living spaces, and genkan (entrance parlour).

Goinden is currently located on the grounds of the Chidō Museum which is an open-air architectural museum hosting old buildings. It is joined here by the akamon (red gate), also relocated from a Sakai Clan residence in Edo. The akamon was constructed in celebration of marriage between one of the Sakai lords and the Shōgun’s daughter. The museum is just opposite the castle. Chidō is the name of the Shōnai Domain’s hankō (domain school), which also still stands, located in the castle’s outer third bailey.


Goinden Profile
English Name Goinden
Japanese Name 御隠殿・庄内藩主中屋敷
Year 1864
Residence Type Daimyo
Features Gates, Garden, House
Visitor Information 9:00-17:00 Mar.-Nov.; 9:00-16:30 Dec.-Feb. (closed Wed. in winter); closed New Years; 800 yen
Website https://www.chido.jp/
Location Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture
Castle Tsurugaoka Castle
Coordinates 38° 43' 41.63" N, 139° 49' 16.93" E
Tsurugaoka Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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