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The garden at Kokura Castle is a traditional daimyō-style garden centered upon the reconstructed shoin (drawing room) of the detatched palace called Go'Yūsho (Place of Leisure), also referred to historically as the detached villa of the Ogasawara Clan. The villa was the heart of Ogasawara-ryū Reihō (School of Etiquette), cultivated by the lords of Kokura Castle. The restored complex consists of tea rooms, a library, an exhibition hall, and the reconstructed shoin, the balcony of which hangs delicately over the garden pond. The layout of the garden dates to 1798, arranged by Lord Ogasawara Tadamitsu. All original structures were destroyed in the Chōshū War of 1866. The site was excavated and restored in the 1990s.

  • Villa buildings of Goyusho as seen from the keep

  • Goyusho Profile
    English Name Goyusho
    Japanese Name 御遊所・小笠原氏別邸・小倉城庭園
    Year 1798; 1990s
    Residence Type Daimyo
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information 9:00-20:00
    Website https://www.kokura-castle.jp/kokura-garden/
    Location Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture
    Castle Kokura Castle
    Coordinates 33° 53' 4.34" N, 130° 52' 32.09" E
    Kokura Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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