Hanazono Mitake Castle

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The castle was likely built as a satellite castle to Hanazono Castle. It is on a slightly higher mountain just behind Hanazono Castle. No other detailed accounts or records of the castle remain. See Hanazono Castle for more details.

Visit Notes

From Hanazono Castle it's a short walk (10-15 mins) around the back side of the mountain to the Shorinji Temple. From here you can walk up the Gohyaku Rakan (五百羅漢 ) trail to get to the castle ruins. There are no signs for the castle so you'll need to figure things out for yourself. As you reach the wide open area at the top of the trail in this photo you'll immediately see a trail off to the left that goes down a little to another sign pole. Keep following this trail up the ridge past the sign pole (do not follow the arrow going down the mountain, you'll end up at the lake!) to the top of the mountain where you'll find another small shrine, seen in the photo above. This is the castle ruin. The shrine is the main bailey and there are a couple trenches you can see around it.

This is a simple fortification. 2 main baileys, a couple smaller side baileys, a clear yokobori trench, a couple clear tatebori trenches a couple other trenches. It’s too heavily wooded to see anything but it would have had great views to survey the surroundings.

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  • Shrine in the main bailey
  • Shorinji Temple at the base of the mountain
  • Follow the side trail behind this marker going up the mountain NOT the one to the right.
  • Trail to the castle
  • Second bailey
  • Main Bailey
  • Edge of the main bailey
  • Koshiguruwa
  • Obikuruwa
  • Obikuruwa bailey
  • Tatebori trench
  • Yokobori trench
  • Yokobori trench
  • Yokobori trench
  • Tatebori trench
  • Tatebori trench
  • Open area between the castle and temple, It may have been part of the castle too.

Castle Profile
English Name Hanazono Mitake Castle
Japanese Name 花園御岳城
Founder Fujita clan
Year Founded Kamakura Period
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Yorii Sta. (Tobu Tojo Line), walk 35 mins
Visitor Information mountain behind the temple
Time Required 20 mins at the castle
Website https://www.town.yorii.saitama.jp/site/rekishikan/hanazonomitake.html
Location Yorii, Saitama Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 7' 34.18" N, 139° 10' 5.81" E
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