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To the south of the ruins of Kashima Castle is the bukeyashiki-dôri ('samurai house street'), which retains ishigaki (stone-piled retaining walls), dobei (clay walls with stucco), and a munamon-type gate, which is cultural property of the city. Behind the gate, which is kept barred, there is a dilapidated old residence. It is an extant bukeyashiki with an impressive genkan (entrance parlour), though now the omoya (main house) has fallen into a dire state of disrepair. I hope it can be saved.

The residence belonged to Hara Tadayuki, a samurai of Kashima Domain born in 1834. He would go onto become a politician in the Meiji period. As a youth, Tadayuki was sent by the lord of Kashima Castle to study at the Shōheikō, a school in Edo. In 1872 he went to study abroad in the USA, and wrote about US politics. Returning to Japan, he entered politics, and would become the Grand Secretary of Okinawa, which Japan formally annexed in 1879, and a member of the house of peers. He died in 1894.

  • Munamon Gate (City Cultural Property)

  • Hara Residence (Kashima) Profile
    English Name Hara Residence (Kashima)
    Japanese Name 肥前鹿島城原武家屋敷
    Year Late Edo Period
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Designations Important Cultural Property
    Features Gates, House
    Visitor Information Limited Access
    Website https://saga-kashima-kankou.com/spot/874
    Location Kashima, Saga
    Castle Kashima Castle (Hizen)
    Coordinates 33° 6' 8.06" N, 130° 5' 33.36" E
    Kashima Castle (Hizen) and nearby Samurai Homes
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