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Hasedo Castle was an important defensive position for Yamagata Castle. It was probably built sometime in the early 1500's by the Mogami Clan. It first appears in history when it was conquered by Date Tanemune in 1514. In 1600, forces loyal to Tokugawa (led by Mogami Yoshiaki) and forces loyal to the Eastern Army (led by Naoe Kanetsugu) fought at Hasedo Castle at nearly the same time that their armies were fighting at Sekigahara. When news reached Naoe of the outcome of the Battle of Sekigahara, he withdrew back to Yonezawa. It was abandoned in 1622 when the Mogami moved to Omi.

Visit Notes

The castle is well maintained with many signs including a recommended route through the castle. The recommended route was actually quite good and takes you to parts of the castle with nice views that you might typically miss. It is interesting how Hasedo Castle and Narisawa Castle flank the road to Yonezawa from Yamagata. It gives you an indication of the tensions between the two regions. Even though Hasedo Castle isn't a very big castle it is well defended and nearly covers the small mountain providing good lines of sight to many different directions.

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  • Honmaru
  • Castle mountain and moat in the foreground
  • Castle entrance
  • Trail
  • Hachiman Shrine
  • Terraced baileys
  • Trail through the castle
  • Entrance and embankment
  • Obikuruwa Bailey
  • Bailey
  • Bailey
  • The original entrance to the Honmaru is not a shrine
  • View from the Honmaru Bailey
  • Honmaru Bailey
  • Honmaru Bailey
  • Side Bailey
  • Terraced Baileys
  • Terraced Baileys
  • Double horizontal trench
  • View from the back side of the castle
  • Obikuruwa
  • The site of Naoe Kanetsugu's camp
  • The left side is a cut cliff side
  • Part of the castle town area
  • Former site of a water moat
  • Map
  • Map

Castle Profile
English Name Hasedo Castle
Japanese Name 長谷堂城
Alternate Names Kamegashiro
Founder Mogami
Year Founded 16th C.
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Yamagata Station (Oou Line), bus; Zao Sta (Oou Line) 60 min walk
Visitor Information park, open any time
Time Required 70 mins
Website http://www.kankou.yamagata.yamagata.jp/db/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi?panel=detail&d01=106411348962722&c=10
Location Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Coordinates 38° 12' 45.61" N, 140° 16' 20.75" E
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