Hayakawa Stone Quarry

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This is probably the most accessible and one of the more well-known quarries. The remains of the quarry were mostly buried but it was uncovered when building the road. The condition of the site was so good they built a bridge over it so that it was not damaged.  It is particularly notable for the number of large stones remaining. After surveying the site, most of it was reburied, but if you go back into the woods you may see more stones, but I'm not clear how to get there. This is one site I'd like to revisit and and check for myself if there is more to see back in the woods. Nearby there is also a large stone that is a part of someone's garden today but has many ya-ana holes carved into it. It was not likely moved here so this area was probably quarried for stone as well.

The following paper details this quarry.


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    Hayakawa Stone Quarry Profile
    English Name Hayakawa Stone Quarry
    Japanese Name 早川石丁場
    Location Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Castle Edo Castle
    Coordinates 35° 13' 54.05" N, 139° 7' 20.39" E
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    Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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