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Located on the western side of the Izu Peninsula and part of Numazu City, the Heda Stone Quarry was the most remote, vast, difficult to navigate and simply amazing of all the quarries I visited.  It is all posted private property or off limits city property. I had the good fortune of tagging along with a group of locals who had gone to review some recent findings.

From writing on the border stones and kokuin that were found at this site, we know that at least three daimyo, Hosokawa, Nabeshima, and Matsuura, quarried stone here.  In particular the Hosokawa and Nabeshima were charged with supplying stone for the walls of Edo Castle in 1606 and 1614.

Comparing the Heda Quarry with others I've visited it looks like it is the early stages of being worked since much of the exposed bedrock is still untouched. Further, there are several border stones with the daimyo names carved into them and some other very large stones with a large kokuin that may have also been border stones. Throughout the site there are many stones in all stages of being marked off, carving ya-ana holes, and partly split stones or leavings.

Like the others, the Heda stone quarry is not on any map, nor are there any materials available to guide you around the ruins. The mountain is private property, quite steep, and a bit treacherous in areas. There are no trails to find the impressive stones so it is not accessible without a guide.  The map below is provided for information purposes only, please do not attempt to explore the site without permission or a local guide.

  • ほそかわ越中守石場 / Hosokawa Etchuu-no-kami Ishiba
  • notice the kokuin on the open face of the split stone in the back
  • 鍋島信濃 / Nabeshima Shinano
  • 鍋島信濃守 Nabeshima Shinano-no-kami
  • これよりにし ほそかわ越中守石場 Here begins the quarry of Hosokawa Etchu-no-kami
  • What genius thought this was a good idea?
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    Heda Stone Quarry Profile
    English Name Heda Stone Quarry
    Japanese Name 戸田石丁場
    Location Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Castle Edo Castle
    Coordinates 34° 57' 52.38" N, 138° 46' 24.42" E
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    Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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