Help:Create User Pages


You can create your own subpages in the space after your username like UserWiki:Jay/MyFavoriteCastles by using the forms below.

  • Blank Page - This is a blank page. Use the editing toolbar or Wiki code to style the page as you please.
  • List Page - This is a simple list page. It will help you create a simple list of castles with a comment for each.
  • Map Page - coming soon. Similar to the List Page, this will help you create a simple map of multiple castles

For more complex displays like showing the results of a specific search (ex: Mountaintop castles with Stone Walls in the Kanto region) please contact me. It is not difficult but needs to be written manually.

Using these pages you could create your own mini section about any castle related topic(s) of interest.

You need to have a confirmed email address for permission to create your own pages. if you receive an error go to Preferences > User Profile and look under the Email Options section. There should be a link to confirm your email address.

All pages created here can be seen by anyone and have the same creative commons license linked in the footer.