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Located adjacent to the Sanada Residence and in the middle of the area where other high ranking samurai lived, this residence belonged to one of the more senior samurai. The Higuchi were also one of the wealthiest of the Sanada retainers with 230 koku of rice at the end of the Edo Period. The Higuchi family connection to the Sanada dates back to when the Higuchi were retainers for the Takeda clan, which is also evidenced in them using a family crest base don the Takeda. On a personal note, I had a splendid time talking with the gentleman who was managing the house that day. We talked about Matsushiro, other samurai homes, and castles in the area. I missed some other sites in Matsushiro for talking too long but it was time well spent.

  • Back side of the house and part of the garden
  • Higuchi Residence
  • Back side of the Higuchi Residence
  • Higuchi Residence Yakuimon Gate
  • Back side of the Yakuimon Front Gate.
  • Nagaya house for servants
  • Interior of the house
  • Interior of the house
  • Main room of the Higuchi Residence looking out over the garden.
  • View from inside
  • Garden
  • Storehouse

  • Higuchi Residence Profile
    English Name Higuchi Residence
    Japanese Name 旧樋口家住宅
    Year 1765
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Designations Registered Tangible Cultural Property
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information Open 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30); free admission
    Website http://www.sanadahoumotsukan.com/facilities/facility.php?n=9
    Location Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
    Castle Matsushiro Castle
    Coordinates 36° 33' 45.97" N, 138° 11' 50.14" E
    Matsushiro Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    This is the residence of a high-ranking bushi family, the Higuchi of Matsushiro Domain, dating to 1765. The main residence, storehouse, and earthen walls remain from the Edo Period, whilst other structures have been reconstructed. The main gate was relocated from elsewhere. Unlike the other well-maintained bukeyashiki in town, which are further out, the Higuchi residence is very close to Matsushiro Castle and the daimyō's palace, due to the high rank of the Higuchi family within the domain. Nearby is also a school for samurai youth, and the remains of other Bukeyashiki of elite retainers. The house has a large garden with ponds and bamboo groves. Above the hearth in the tea room is a trap door used as a vent to allow steam and smoke to dissipate into the thatching of the roof. By the way, in traditional homes the smoke of fires from cooking kept bugs from nesting in the thatching.