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Gamô Sadahide began the building of this castle in 1533, which ended 3 years later. The Gamô clan became a vassal of Oda Nobunaga during Gamô Katahide's generation, and when the Honnôji Incident occurred in 1582, Katahide and his son Gamô Ujisato welcomed Oda Nobunaga's wife and concubine to the castle. In 1584, Ujisato was transferred to Matsugashima, Ise Province, with 120,000 koku. After that, Tanaka Yoshimasa and Nagatsuka Masaie entered the castle, and in 1600, the castle was abandoned after the Battle of Sekigahara. In 1620, Ichihashi Nagamasa set up a jin'ya in a part of the Hino castle ruins and continued as the jin'ya of the Nishoji domain until the Meiji Restoration. Most of the remains were destroyed during the construction of the Hinogawa Dam, but some stone walls and moats remain around Ryôgyô Shrine and Inari Shrine.

Visit Notes

From Otowa castle, I walked back to visit the site of Hino castle. To the locals, and on the signs, it is better known as Nakanojō. This was more a let down, since only a small part of the castle, were 2 shrines are, remain. The rest has been urbanised. There is a bus stop not too far. The name of it is Hinōkawadamuguchi. I had to wait 40 minutes for the next bus, so I decided to walk back to the station on the main street of Hino. It's about 4.5km. This street or Hinoshonin-kaidō, is a very picturesque road. There are lots of old houses. Temples and shrines, some very old, are lining up.

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  • entrance to the castle
  • a kura on the castle grounds
  • arriving at the 2 shrines
  • a water moat
  • Bridge between the 2 shrines
  • Bridge between the 2 shrines
  • Inari shrine
  • Horokiri between the shrines
  • Horokiri between the shrines
  • Ryôgyô shrine
  • Explanation board with map
  • map

Castle Profile
English Name Hino Castle
Japanese Name 日野城
Alternate Names Nakanojô
Founder Gamô Sadahide
Year Founded 1533
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features water moats
Visitor Information
Access bus from Hino station
Visitor Information free access
Time Required 30min
Website https://www.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/888/
Location Hino, Shiga Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 0' 31.32" N, 136° 15' 54.22" E
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