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The castle's origins are unknown but between 1558 and 1569 Hirabayashi Castle was contolled by Takeda Shingen. The commander was Motomi Toratane. The castle consisted of three integral baileys: main bailey, east bailey, and west bailey. There were moats surrounding these enclosures, probably water-filled since Hirabayashijō was a flatland castle. The castle was abandoned in 1573 with the death of Takeda Shingen, and subsequently became rice paddies. The ruins of the castle were apparently visible up until the late Shōwa period, at which time a factory was built over them.

Visit Notes

The former site of Hirabayashijō is now an insutrialised area and a temple built in the very unfortunate shape of concrete blocks. There is a stone marker showing the site of the castle.

Update (2023):

I had some time in the afternoon to do a brief cycling tour of minor sites around Nagano City using the rentable city bicycles ('Hello Cycling'). This site, Hirabayashijō, was actually a re-visit! Why would I bother twice visiting a less than minor site with no ruins? Well, the first time I walked right past this fine stone monument for the castle without noticing! So now I have a picture of it for myself... This illness I have is called 'advanced stage castle obsession'.

Hirabayashijō, used by forces loyal to Takeda Shingen, was once quite vast, having three integral baileys surrounded by moats. But in the late Shōwa period a factory was built over what remained of the ruins.

These pictures show the castle stele, and nice things in the area where the castle would've stood, including a big ol' tree.

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  • Ishibumi (stone marker) for castle

Castle Profile
English Name Hirabayashi Castle (Minochi)
Japanese Name 水内平林城
Founder Motomi Toratane
Year Founded 1558
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Marker
Visitor Information
Access Kirihara Station on the Nagano Line; 19 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; temple
Time Required 10 minutes
Location Nagano, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 39' 17.53" N, 138° 12' 42.59" E
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