Ichijodani Castle - Restored Town

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Ichijodani Castle - Restored Town


This album includes what you can see inside the paid admission area. The biggest attraction is the reconstructed castle town, samurai homes and shops, but you should not overlook the area on the mountainside behind the reconstructed walls. These are the huge residences of high ranking vassals of the Asakura. Some of these are much bigger than most other samurai residences around the country at the time. The area includes a Noh stage as well. Notice that the thick pounded earth walls all have stone foundations and there are waterways for runoff throughout the town. You should also notice the square blue stones in front of many of the residences and periodically along the road. This is a special kind of stone called Shakudaniishi (笏谷石). The area is famous for the this blue green stone which particularly shows a rich color when wet. It's an interesting small feature of Ichijodani that is often overlooked but something you can appreciate as ou see it related throughout the whole valley.

The first few photos of restored buildings below are of the restored merchant houses. The remainder are the ruins of samurai homes featuring the stone foundations of walls and buildings. The last few photos are from dioramas at the Restored Townscape and the Asakura Museum.

  • Noh Stage
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