Inaniwa Castle




Base of the Onodera Clan throughout the feudal ages up until the Late Sengoku Period. The prosperity of the Onodera Clan grew with their expansion and control of surrounding plains. In 1300 they made peace treaties with rival clans in the area to maintain their sphere of influence. In the mid-16th century the Onodera patriarch moved to Numakanjō and left his younger brother in charge of Inaniwajō. The Onodera would eventually go onto to control nearby Yokotejō, a large castle with impressive ruins to this day, whilst Inaniwa Castle remained as a satellite castle projecting the Onodera’s power in the area. In 1596 Inaniwa Castle was besieged by the ascendant Mogami Clan. The defenders fought desperately but the castle fell decisively and the last castellan, Onodera Michikatsu, barely escaped with his life.

Visit Notes

Bus stop is Hayasaka, it's right before the ticket office and ropeway station. Buses are infrequent. Mock reconstruction. Profile and photos contributed by AdamT


Castle Profile
English Name Inaniwa Castle
Japanese Name 稲庭城
Alternate Names 舞鶴城
Founder Onodera
Year Founded 1249 – 1256
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Year Reconstructed 1988
Visitor Information
Access Yuzawa Station on the Ou Main Line, 40 minutes by bus to Inaniwa, ropeway up the mountain
Visitor Information 9:30am-4:30pm; 430 yen for adults, 210 for children
Time Required 60 mins
Location Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture
Coordinates 39° 5' 37.43" N, 140° 34' 59.12" E
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