Inatsuke Castle




According to the history of Joshoji Temple, the castle was built by Ota Dokan. There are no other records that directly connect Ota Dokan to a castle here, but evidence shows that it was likely a castle of the Ogigayatsu Uesugi Clan. Ota Dokan, the chief retainer and military strategist of the Uesugi, naturally may have been connected to the castle. The castle protects a vital point along a major road connecting Edo Castle to Iwatsuki Castle, both important castles for the Ogigayatsu Clan. After the death of Dokan, his son Suketaka became lord of the castle. One of the Ota descendants, Ota Sukemune, built the Joshoji Temple on this site in 1655 and dedicated it as the funerary temple of Ota Dokan and his father Sukekiyo.

Visit Notes

If it weren't for the stone pillar at the base of the stairs you wouldn't realize a castle was here. It is mainly worth visiting for the statue of Ota Dokan which is on display on the 26h of each month only.

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  • Entrance to the temple grounds and castle ruin
  • North Gate
  • Castle remnants
  • Sanmon Gate
  • Dokando shrine
  • Hondo of Joshoji
  • East Gate
  • View from outside the castle
  • View from the North Side of the castle.
  • Statue of Ota Dokan in the Dokando Shrine
  • Statue of Ota Dokan

Castle Profile
English Name Inatsuke Castle
Japanese Name 稲付城
Alternate Names Inetsuke-jo
Founder Ota Dokan
Year Founded late 1400's
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features gates
Visitor Information
Access Akabane Sta., 5 min walk
Visitor Information The temple (Joshoji) is open any time, but the statue of Ota Dokan is only unveiled on the 25th of each month.
Time Required 20 mins
Location Tokyo, Tokyo
Coordinates 35° 46' 33.71" N, 139° 43' 8.90" E
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Admin Visits October 26, 2015

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