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This home was moved here from it's original location so only the home is original. The surrounding gardens are from the Shibata lord's detached palace. In the 70's five other samurai homes were dismantled and put into storage but unfortunately none of them have been rebuilt yet.

I'm not sure if the inside is regularly open to the public. On this day, the inside was reserved for some tea ceremony event.

  • Ishiguro home
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  • Ishiguro Residence Profile
    English Name Ishiguro Residence
    Japanese Name 旧石黒家住宅
    Year Late Edo Period
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Designations Local Historic Site
    Features House
    Visitor Information Part of the Shimizuen Gardens, I'm not sure if the inside is regularly open.
    Location Shibata, Niigata Prefecture
    Castle Shibata Castle
    Coordinates 37° 56' 37.61" N, 139° 19' 41.81" E
    Shibata Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    Visits October 9, 2011
    Added Jcastle 2018

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    57 months ago
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    Open when I visited!

    石黒武家屋敷 [新発田] Ishiguro-Bukeyashiki (Shibata)

    This is a mid-ranking samurai’s home from the Late Edo Period. Its patriarch is listed in the Shibata Book of Heraldry as Ishiguro Monzaburō. He earned 70石 as a retainer of Shibata Domain. The house was moved to its present location later, but it originally stood near to the Sannomaru (Third Bailey) of Shibata Castle, likely with other samurai residences. The house represents a standardised design for the bushi class homes during the Late Edo Period.