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The Izuki Branch of the Ogasawara Clan, led by Ogasawara Naganao, was appointed in the capacity of hatamoto (bannerman) to an allotment of 1,000 koku in 1600. Izuki Village was built-up along with Izuki-jin'ya. It was no doubt with some due respect for nostalgia that Tokugawa Ieyasu chose the Ogasawara to represent the Bakufu in Ina here, since the Ogasawara Clan had formerly been the nominal governors of all of Shinano Province. Jin'ya were the administrative headquarters of hatamoto; some were somewhat fortified like Izuki-jin'ya, and others, like Takayama Jin'ya or nearby Iijima Jin'ya, had little in the way of fortification. Izuki-jin'ya today is chiefly known as the Ogasawara Shoin, after the surviving palace building built in 1624.

Visit Notes

Izuki-jin'ya is a very special site because it contains an original palatial structure built in 1624. The shoin (drawing room) was the most important part of what was once a larger complex of structures. This shoin is especially precious because it is built in the 'hanging style', supported on a lattice work of pillars and beams, hanging over the hillside. Izuki-jin'ya also has notable castle features such as ishigaki (stone-piled ramparts) and a yaguradai (a platform which once supported a tower).

Tours of the shoin are guided. I went around the whole building twice but my elderly guide never left me, although he did have new things to say on the second lap. Artifacts in the shoin include palanquins, one of an unusaul and antiquated design purportedly used by Takeda Shingen's daughter, and jars for holding zeni (coins). The kugikakushi (nail hiders) in the shoin take the form of giant coins. I recognised these coins as based on Qing 'Silver Dragon' coins.


Castle Profile
English Name Izuki Jin'ya
Japanese Name 伊豆木陣屋
Alternate Names 旧小笠原家書院
Founder Ogasawara Naganao
Year Founded 1600
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations has Important Cultural Properties
Historical Period Edo Period
Artifacts Go'ten (original), Ishigaki, Gate, Walls, Yaguradai
Features gates, palace, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Kawaji Station on the Iida Line; walk 50 minutes
Visitor Information Open 9am-5pm, except Mondays
Time Required 120 minutes
Location Iida, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 26' 46.25" N, 137° 47' 42.36" E
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