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The remains of the Honda Residence are found at the site of the Ishikawa Prefectural Art Museum, or more properly below it. Here various ishigaki (stone-piled ramparts) segments can be found. At the bottom of this terrace are surviving structures from the residence which have been relocated to the site of what is now the Honda Park. These structures are the nagayamon (row house gate), and a residential structure dating to the late Edo period. The latter is now known as the Shōfūkaku ('Pine Wind Pavilion'), and it is surrounded by a garden – also part of the Honda compound – dating to the early Edo period, made from dredging swamp land. The Honda were upper class samurai and high-ranking retainers of the lords of Kaga Domain; the Honda were one of the Kaga Eight, a group of powerful families. The yearly earnings of these powerful families was on par with smaller domains. Kaga itself was an expansive and wealthy domain. The Shōfūkaku is the only surviving residential structure out of all of the homes of the Kaga Eight, and as such it is listed as Important Cultural Property.

  • Honda Kamiyashiki Ishigaki
  • Honda Residence Gatehouse (Nagayamon)
  • Shoufuukaku, Honda Residence

  • Kaga Honda Residence Profile
    English Name Kaga Honda Residence
    Japanese Name 加賀本多邸・本多家上屋敷・松風閣
    Year Late Edo Period
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Designations Important Cultural Property
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information Honda Forest Park
    Website https://www4.city.kanazawa.lg.jp/11104/bunkazaimain/shiteibunkazai/kinenbutsu/syohukaku.html
    Location Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
    Castle Kanazawa Castle
    Coordinates 36° 33' 29.27" N, 136° 39' 36.00" E
    Kanazawa Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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