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Nishikawa-yashiki was the fortified residence of the Nishikawa Clan who were the vassals of Nikaidō Sadafuji, a local warlord, during the Kamakura period. In the Edo period the Nishikawa patriarch became a shōya (village headman). Shōya straddled the caste division between peasant and samurai, generally being wealthy farmers whilst also taking on the mantle of samurai. Shōya liased between samurai and locals, as well as hosting samurai and even daimyō in their residence. The interior of the Nishikawa-yashiki omoya is much more lavish than surrounding farmsteads would've been, showing the importance placed on entertaining guests, and the relatively high status of the shōya. The architecture of the current Nishikawa residence, which dates to the middle Edo period, indicates that the Nishikawa also engaged in sericulture. The Nishikawa family still live in the house to this day.

Visit Notes

Nishikawa-yashiki is a medieval residence site with an old omoya (main residence hall). The omoya dates to the mid' Edo period; its original kayabuki (thatched roof) is now covered with protective copper sheeting. It is built in a vernacular form called Kōshū-style. Storehouses and a gate also remain. Though an important cultural property, it is not open to the public.

  • Omoya, Nishikawa Residence

Castle Profile
English Name Nishikawa Yashiki (Kai)
Japanese Name 甲斐西川屋敷
Founder Nishikawa Clan
Year Founded Kamakura Period; Edo Period
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations has Important Cultural Properties
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Omoya, Gate, Kura
Features gates, palace
Visitor Information
Access Nearest station is Enzan Station on the Chūō Main Line
Visitor Information Access Limited
Time Required 20 minutes
Website 08.html
Location Yamanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 44' 37.64" N, 138° 42' 58.61" E
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