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Kaibara Jinya was resided by ten generations of the Oda Clan, the feudal lord of Kaibara area. The residence was built by Oda Nobuyasu, the 6th generation lord in 1714. It was burnt down in 1818, but reconstructed by Oda Nobuyori in 1820. The house was built in Shoin-zukuri style (the style of warrior residences). The entrance with Kara-hafu (an undulating Japanese cypress bargeboard)-styled roof and the large shoin (a reception room), which is connected to the main wing in the flying goose formation, are preserved as they were in those days. The Nagaya-mon (long house gate) called Shotoku-mon is a precious structure, for it has remained since its first construction in 1714. Kaibara Jinya was designated as a National Historic Site in 1971.

Visit Notes

This is a great site and town. It is the cleanest place I have seen so far in Japan. This little town is a mixture of Edo and Meiji. There are several building built in Meiji. I really recommend this site!


Castle Profile
English Name Kaibara Jinya
Japanese Name 柏原陣屋
Founder Oda Nobuyasu
Year Founded 1714
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations has Important Cultural Properties, National Historic Site
Historical Period Edo Period
Features gates, palace, castle town
Visitor Information
Access Kaibara Station (JR Fukuchiyama Line), 8 min walk
Visitor Information Open 9am-5pm; 200 yen; Closed Monday (except National Holidays, when closed Tuesday), closed Dec 25-Jan 1
Time Required
Website https://www.city.tamba.lg.jp/soshiki/bunka/jinya.html
Location Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 7' 43.90" N, 135° 4' 55.85" E
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37 months ago
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Kaibara-jin'ya possesses an at least partially original (dated 1820) jin'ya building. A jin'ya was a fortified administrative base. Jin'ya contained modest residences for hatamoto but were mostly offices. This sumptuous shoin-źukuri structure was used by the Oda Clan in the Edo Period! Kaibara-jin'ya is a nationally designated historic site. The most original part of the site is actually the nagayamon (row-gatehouse) in front of the main building, dating to 1714 when the jin'ya was first constructed. This nagayamon is particularly long, as per the name. The goten (main building), one of those rare examples of a surviving goten (I now suspect there are more at jin'ya than at other castle sites), was heavily modified in the Meiji Period, which is more obvious once one inspects the back of the structure. A modern municipal structure "photobombs" the goten from behind with a sort of crow's nest which can only be made sense of by supposing that it was the municipal government's policy to desecrate this historic site with a concrete eyesore. Another source of disappointment for me was that photography was forbidden within the goten (my one photo showing the inside of the structure was taken from outside the genkan). Nonetheless the site is very valuable.


40 months ago
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Interior photography was verbotten when i visited > < What remains is precious.