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Kaiden Castle was basically the fortified home of a small rural lord. Nakakoji is attributed as the lord of the castle. He was an administrator of the nearby Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine (formerly Kaiden Tenmangu) and likely grew to become leader of the village as well. There are historical records dating to 1470 of an attack on Kaiden Castle and nearby Shoryuji Castle in the Onin War. However, there are no records or evidence after this point to understand what may have happened to the castle. To this day, the Nakakoji clan is an administrator of Nagaoka Tenmangu.

Visit Notes

A large condo now sits exactly on the site that was Kaiden Castle. You can actually see some embankments on each side of it marking off the territory. While there is very little here to see, we have to appreciate the developer who went to the trouble of rebuilding some of the embankments and creating some nice signs and explanations to rival much more famous castles. They've also created a nice pamphlet and a model inside the entrance to the condo where anyone can see it. I've seen a lot of castles or other historical sites that barely get an old plaque marking what was there. I have to wonder if castles or history is the hobby of the company president.

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  • Rebuilt embankment
  • Rebuilt embankment
  • Rebuilt embankment
  • Rebuilt embankment
  • Model inside the entrance to the condo
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Castle Profile
English Name Kaiden Castle
Japanese Name 開田城
Founder Nakakoji
Year Founded late 15th C.
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Nagaoka Tenjin Sta (Hanky Line), 5 min walk
Visitor Information open anytime
Time Required 15 mins
Location Nagaoka, Kyoto
Coordinates 34° 55' 34.28" N, 135° 41' 29.51" E
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Admin Year Visited 2014
Admin Visits October 19, 2014

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113 months ago
Score 1++
A shopping complex covered this entire site before it was demolished to build the condo, so their was no trace of this fortified residence - it's hard for me to use the word \castle". Yes! Kudos to the developer for having a respect for the history of the neighborhood."""


117 months ago
Score 1++

It's cool they built the model because embankment leaves much to be desired.

Was this excavated? Or has this always been known?