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Kawamura-yakata was rectangular in layout running 250m north-south and 150m east-west. A manor hall was first built in the area by Kawamura Hidetaka in the late Heian period. Kawamura Hidekiyo served Minamoto Yoritomo in his conquest of Ōshū in 1189, and was enfeoffed manyfold. The Aźuma Kagami, the seminal historical record of the Kamakura period, states that Kawamura Yoshihide, the son of Hidekiyo, fought on the side of the Taira at the Battle of Ishibayama (part of the Ōshū campaign), however, but that he won back Yoritomo's favour through a feat of archery at the Hachimangū shrine in Kamakura the following year. In 1333, when Ashikaga Takauji rebelled against the Kamakura-bakufu, the Kawamura Clan served Nitta Yoshisada. In 1352 Nitta Yoshisada encamped at Kawamurajō upon the advice of the Kawamura, but the castle and yakata were destroyed in 1353. The history of the Kawamura Clan at Kawamura-yakata ends that year, with the Taiheiki recording that they withdrew from their ancestral lands at that time. The Kawamura Clan was largely wiped out at the Battle of Nangenjō (南原城) in 1397.

See Kawamura Castle for more information.

Visit Notes

This was the site of Kawamura-yakata, the fortified residence, or nekoya, attached to Kawamurajō, the yamajiro (mountaintop castle) above. According to the explanatory board on site, excavations have revealed the foundations of buildings here, and Edo period maps indicate 'Hidekiyo's mansion' in the vicinity. No ruins remain. It seems the yakata site may be mostly from the Heian and Kamakura periods, though the yamajiro was used up until 1590.


Castle Profile
English Name Kawamura Yakata
Japanese Name 河村館
Founder Kawamura Clan
Year Founded Late Heian Period
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Kitayama Station on the Gotemba Line; 25 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; fields
Time Required 10 minutes
Website https://naemon.jp/kanagawa/kawamurayakata.php
Location Yamakita, Kanagawa Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 21' 15.95" N, 139° 5' 19.97" E
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