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The castle was originally built as a fort for the Kohno clan by Dobi Yoshimasa in 1337. In 1342, the castle was attacked and taken over by Hosokawa Yoriharu. The castle was ruled by the Hosokawa until it fell to Chosakabe Motochika in 1582. After Hideyoshi subjugated Shikoku the lord of Kawanoe Castle changed frequently until it was abandoned by Kato Yoshiaki in 1611.

Visit Notes

Photos by Frank T.

  • Mock reconstructed main keep
  • Reconstructed yaguramon style gate
  • Honmaru bailey

Castle Profile
English Name Kawanoe Castle
Japanese Name 川之江城
Alternate Names Butsuden-jo
Founder Kohno clan
Year Founded 1337
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Reconstructed main keep
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Main Keep Structure 3 levels, 4 stories
Year Reconstructed 1984 (concrete)
Features main keep, gates, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Kawanoe (Yosan Line), 15min walk
Visitor Information 100 yen entrance fee, open 900-1600; closed Mondays
Time Required
Website http://ehime-ekibun.com/object detail.php?from=&act=&genr=101&uid=SS000345
Location Kawanoe, Ehime Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 0' 46.80" N, 133° 34' 3.22" E
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93 months ago
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Kawanoe Castle is a modest site with ishigaki (stone walls) and 3 reconstructed structures: Tenshukaku (donjon tower), Yaguramon (gatehouse turret) and Suzume-yagura (Sparrow Turret). The buildings are all a stone’s throw from each other at the top of the hill so it’s quite a snug castle complex.


149 months ago
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After visiting Marugamejo, i went to this castle. It suffered alot in mine opinion due it's a concrete reconstruction and Marugame is an original. At least they tried to make it to ressemble a wooden construction, but not the staircase. The collection inside the tenshu is somewhat interesting. I actually paid nothing to access the tenshu. When i was entering the attendee told me that i had nothing to pay because i was a foreigner. There are 3 buildings on the site, namely: the tenshu, a yaguramon and a suzumeyagura. The park next to the castle was very nice with the sakura in full bloom. The site is very easy to access : exiting the JR-Kawanoe-station you will see a roofed street right before you. Take this street straight ahead untill a T-crossroads. Go left and then the first to the right and you are up to the castle.