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Kiga-jin'ya was founded by Kondō Mochiyoshi, son of Kondō Hidemochi, in 1619 to rule the township of Kiga between the Miyakado River and Lake Hamana. The Kiga-Kondō were one of five Kondō branch clans that served the shogunate as hatamoto (bannermen) in Tôtōmi Province. Kiga-jin'ya was abolished in 1869 after twelve generations of Kondō rule, and the site was converted into a school in 1871.

There is a local tale of tragic love: the jin'ya lord's daughter fell in love with a young carpenter named Magobē. The young lovers eloped together but were quickly caught by a retainer of the lord -- not in Kiga, as this would've taken place in Edo. Though the retainer was instructed to execute Magobē, he took pity on the pair and allowed them to flee, it is said. Nonetheless, the young lady was eventually separated from her love and brought back to Edo to be reprimanded. She no doubt spent many days crying, but ultimately learnt the moral of this story, which is that there is no contravention of the Edo period caste system!

Visit Notes

Kiga-jin'ya is a former jin'ya site in the town of Kiga, Hosoe Township, Hamana Ward, Hamamatsu Municipality. The jin'ya was located just north of the Kiga-sekisho, on the western bank of the Iinoya River. No ruins remain, and the site is now a school. There is a signboard about the jin'ya in the carpark in front of the school, and a venerable shii (castanopsis; chinkapin tree) grows here, said to be from the time of the jin'ya, and from which fruit was sent to the shōgun each year. The jin'ya sat on somewhat elevated terrain, with the main road below. To the immediate west is an old inn with a thatched roof pavilionesque building and luxurious garden. The garden, which can be glimpsed from the above lane, is also said to be a relic of the jin'ya.

Originally the Kiga-sekisho, a checkpoint along the Tōkaidō trunk road, was attached to the southeastern perimeter of the jin'ya. This area is now housing, but the sekisho has been fully reconstructed on the other side of town.


Castle Profile
English Name Kiga Jin'ya
Japanese Name 気賀陣屋
Founder Kondō Mochiyoshi
Year Founded 1619
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Kiga Station on the Tenryū-Hamana Castle; 7 minute walk
Visitor Information Access Limited
Time Required 10 minutes
Location Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 48' 35.06" N, 137° 39' 15.77" E
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