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The fortification at Koga may date to the late Heian period or early Kamakura period, and the Azuma Kagami refers to a fortification in Koga built by Shimokobe Yukihira before 1180, although it is not certain if it was in this location. After the Battle of Uji (1180), the head of Minamoto Yorimasa was brought to Koga by the Shomokobe clan. A Shinto shrine to Minamoto Yorimasa still exists at the present Koga Castle site.

In 1455, the Kantō kubō Ashikaga Shigeuji relocated his seat from Kamakura to Koga. His descendants ruled to 1583, when the castle was taken by the Later Hōjō clan, in the same year Ashikaga Ujinohime took the title Koga kubō. The area was awarded to Tokugawa Ieyasu after the defeat of the Hōjō at the Siege of Odawara (1590) and subsequently became the center of Koga Domain under the Tokugawa shogunate. During the Edo period, much of the castle remained as reconstructed by Doi Toshikatsu in 1633.

Following the Meiji restoration, the structures of the castle were dismantled in 1873. Due to changes in the flow of the Watarase River and flood control work from 1910, almost nothing remains of the castle today.

From: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koga_Castle?fbclid=IwAR04pKUsMc-TbBx_MWLMRtBvQi-G4G9ORaZxUm3xroqc6zUfu_262PR77Ww

Visit Notes

There are several stone markers along the Watarase river, indicating which part of the castle was there in its heyday. I didn't had enough time to go to them. So i don't have pictures of these.

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  • Museum of History
  • Marker of the Deshiro(outer castle), at the museum
  • Part of the moat and earthen embankment
  • Part of the moat and earthen embankment
  • Part of the moat and earthen embankment
  • Part of the moat and earthen embankment
  • relocated Inuimon gate at Fukuhoji
  • relocated Inuimon gate at Fukuhoji
  • relocated Inuimon gate at Fukuhoji
  • relocated Inuimon gate at Fukuhoji

Castle Profile
English Name Koga Castle
Japanese Name 古河城
Founder Shimokobe Yukihira
Year Founded before 1180
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts There is a relocated gate, the Inuimon, of Koga castle at the Fukuhoji temple. The History museum of Koga city is situated on the deshiro(outer-castle), which was a kind of big umadashi on the eastern side of the castle. A section of dorui(earthen rampart) and moat is next to the museum.
Features gates, trenches
Visitor Information
Access From West exit of Koga station, it's 1.2km
Visitor Information Museum open from 09h00 to 17h00, closed on Mondays
Time Required 40min, with museum
Website https://www.kogakanko.jp/history/kogajyo
Location Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 11' 30.16" N, 139° 42' 2.95" E
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