Kogamine Castle (Kyoto)

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The castle was built by Waku Yoshikuni in 1563. After Akechi Mitsuhide conquered Fukuchiyama as part of the Tanba Campaign, Waku yielded to Mitsuhide under Nobunaga's condition that he raze the castle. Waku claimed the castle was actually a temple and family cemetery, Shofukuji, and refused to do so. Mitsuhide forcibly took the castle in 1580 and hunted down Waku who fled before the siege.

Visit Notes

Some websites split this into two castles, Kogamine Castle and Shofukuji (Castle), but I've kept them together. This is how they are classed in the Kyoto Survey of Castles where the Shofukuji part is called the Fourth Bailey. You can also see the mountaintop fortification on the Yamaga Jin'ya map: https://www.kyoto-be.ne.jp/bunkazai/cms/?p=2206

This is a short quick hike to the mountaintop (elevation change of maybe 120m) so if you've gone out of your way to get to Yamaga Jin'ya you should definitely climb the mountain too. The hiking entrance is right across the street from the gate at Yamaga Jin'ya.

The history of these two sites (Kogamine Castle and Yamaga Jin'ya) is often conflated and the names used interchangeably but I do not think that is correct nor appropriate. The way I've laid out the history and relation of these two castles most accurately reflects the history and structure of both, but please read the two together for the full picture.

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Castle Profile
English Name Kogamine Castle
Japanese Name 甲ケ峯城
Alternate Names Yamaga-jo
Founder Waku Yoshikuni
Year Founded 1563
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Yamaga Sta. 25 min walk; or bus from Ayabe Sta. to Yamaga bus stop (12 mins) and 15 mins walk to the hiking trail
Visitor Information mountain, open 24x7
Time Required 60 mins
Website https://www.ayabe-kankou.net/spot/kougamine/
Location Ayabe, Kyoto
Coordinates 35° 18' 7.16" N, 135° 19' 20.64" E
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