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Matsudaira Munetada constructed Kosemajō in 1506 in his campaign to conquer the Takahashi Manor which brought him into conflict with the Suzuki Clan, based at Terabejō (Terabe Castle (Mikawa)). When Munetada moved to Iwazujō (Iwazu Castle), he put his son, Chikatoki, in charge of Kosemajō. Kosemajō then became an important castle for protecting western Mikawa, along with Marunejō (Marune Castle) which was built or rebuilt at around the same time as Kosemajō. Kosemajō was decommissioned in 1590.

Visit Notes

Kosemajō, a castle site in Shiga Township, Toyota Municipality, is now a small park on a hilltop above a temple, and only scant ruins remain. There is a bailey space with a low mound which is apparently a yaguradai (platform for tower), though it is set to the rear of the bailey rather than overlooking the plain, which is fairly odd. There is a look-out tower referred to as ‘mibari-yagura’, and the view from here is expansive. This miyagura doesn’t look much like a historically accurate structure to me, but the Toyota municipal webpage on the park says it was reconstructed in 1982 ‘based on old documents’, and so it is indeed intended as a reconstruction of a castle structure. When viewed from the watchtower, the flatness of the Nobi Plain makes it seem unending, and what distant mountains there are must be whay off in Gifu.

  • Main Bailey Dorui

Castle Profile
English Name Kosema Castle
Japanese Name 古瀬間城
Founder Matsudaira Munetada
Year Founded 1506
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Miyagura, Kuruwa, Dorui
Features turrets
Visitor Information
Access Toyota-Matsudaira IC
Visitor Information 24/7; Free; Park
Time Required 20 minutes
Website https://www.city.toyota.aichi.jp/shisei/jichiku/1036902/chiikikaigi/1006335/1027531.html
Location Toyota, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 4' 5.92" N, 137° 11' 57.84" E
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