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The Kurosawa Residence was originally in the Sannomaru Bailey of Kubota Castle near to the main entrance. Most upper class samurai families lived in this area which also acted as a defense for the castle. The buildings were moved from downtown Akita to a nearby park in 1988 after it was donated to the city. The house dates to the early 1800's and the gate to the mid 1700's. The storehouses are from the side 1800's. The house itself is untouched since the Edo Period, unlike many places that were renovated, added on to or otherwise modified over the years. Unfortunately, it is not well advertised and is somewhat difficult to get to so they suffer from not getting enough visitors. If you're in Akita, it is well worth your time to visit. This is probably the most complete and original upper class samurai residence in Japan and naturally designated as an Important Cultural Property.


Kurosawa Residence Profile
English Name Kurosawa Residence
Japanese Name 黒沢家住宅
Year early 1800s
Residence Type Upper Class
Designations Important Cultural Property
Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses, Stable
Visitor Information Open 9:30-4:30, 100 yen; closed 12/29-1/3
Website https://www.city.akita.lg.jp/kanko/kanrenshisetsu/1002685/1009869/1002288.html
Location Akita, Akita Prefecture
Castle Kubota Castle
Coordinates 39° 42' 5.00" N, 140° 8' 17.56" E
Kubota Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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23 months ago
Score 0++

Shame it's not still at the castle really. By the way, I'm not saying it should be, because it's a relocated home, but just in case you intended for it to be, Kubota Castle isn't on the map of castles with bukeyashiki.

Also, have you been to the reconstructed Aizu-bukeyashiki? It's like Matsushirojou's Sanada-tei in scale.