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Kutsukiizuminokami-jin'ya was a daikansho (the administrative centre of sub-fiefdom) of Fukuchiyama Domain (Tanba Province) established by Kutsuki Tsunetsuna ('Izuminokami' being his honourary title) in the 1830s as a replacement for the old jin'ya, Kutsukishuzen-jin'ya, which became part of the territory of the Shingaraki-daikansho (which was a tenryō; tenryō were holdings of the Shogunate). Shingaraki is in Kōka County. The establishment of this jin'ya was as a result of a change in boundary lines, or territory swop, of territorial holdings then. The boundary changes took place in 1825 and Kutsukiizuminokami-jin'ya was used until the Meiji period.

Visit Notes

The site of Kutsukiizuminokami-jin'ya retains some ishigaki (stone-piled retaining walls) and is now the site of a cemetery and a shrine to Inari. I photographed the stone walls but didn't enter the cemetery because it was being worked on.


Castle Profile
English Name Kutsuki Izuminokami Jin'ya
Japanese Name 朽木和泉守陣屋
Founder Kutsuki Tsunetsuna
Year Founded 1830s
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Edo Period
Features stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Ōmi-Hachiman Station on the Biwako Line; 40 minute walk or 10 minute drive (bicycles can be rented at the station)
Visitor Information 24/7 free; park
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Ōmi-Hachiman, Shiga Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 8' 51.76" N, 136° 5' 25.19" E
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