Maejima Residence




The oldest residence in Matsushiro. The Maejima clan were loyal retainers of the Sanada from early times. Family members are also said to have served with Masayuki and Nobushige at Kudoyama. The Maejima lived in this house until the early 1900's. It is a Prefectural Treasure.


Maejima Residence Profile
English Name Maejima Residence
Japanese Name 旧前島家住宅
Year 1759
Residence Type Middle Class
Designations Prefectural Treasure
Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
Visitor Information open 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30); free admission
Location Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Castle Matsushiro Castle
Coordinates 36° 33' 38.16" N, 138° 12' 20.48" E
Matsushiro Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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Visits December 2, 2016
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前島武家屋敷 [松代] Maejima-bukeyashiki (Matsushiro)

This is the home of a mid-ranking samurai family, the Maejima of Matsushiro Domain. The structures include a front gate, a store house and a main residential building built in 1759. There is a large front garden with coy pond. Inside the earthy orange colours of the walls show the beauty of traditional architecture. Books containing the family's history are lying on a table in the drawing room. The roof of the house is covered in metal plating. This is to protect the thatched roofing below from deterioration.