Masugatayama Castle




Masugatayama Castle was most likely built as an extended fortification from Karakai Castle, but it is not known during what time period specifically.

Visit Notes

Masugatayama Castle is best visited along with Karakai Castle. In that case you'll want to follow the trails to Karakai Castle first and then back down through Masugatayama Castle. You could do the reverse, but I think it is more interesting and logical to start with Karakai Castle. However, be VERY careful of the trails as you walk from Karakai Castle. Just after the tower for electric power lines the main hiking trail continues off to the left and on to another mountain. What you need to do is to take the (much less travelled) trail to the right and up to the top of a small ridge or mountaintop called Monomiyama. from here you just follow the ridge down to the castle ruins and back down the mountain.There are no signs on this trail until the main bailey of Masugatayama Castle so be careful.

It looks like they have recently, probably this year, cut out a lot of trees around the main bailey of Masugatayama Castle and improved the trail going up from the bottom. I don't know what the purpose is but it would be great if they put up a few signs and continued to improve the trail going back through to Karakai Castle as well.

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  • Main Bailey
  • Monomiyama. The first bailey encountered when coming from Karakai Castle and the highest point in Masugatayama Castle.
  • Looking back up the trail to Monomiyama.
  • Bailey
  • Small side bailey
  • Small side bailey
  • Small bailey from the previous photo
  • Long narrow intentionally cut ridge
  • Stonework to support the walkway
  • Stonework to support the walkway
  • Earthen bridge with tatebori trenches and a masugata gate on the other side.
  • Tatebori trenches of the entrance
  • Masugata entrance
  • Looking down into the entrance
  • Small bailey
  • Main bailey
  • The only sign indicating a castle ruin
  • Bailey
  • Bailey
  • Path down to the next bailey
  • Looking back up to the main bailey
  • Horikiri trench

Castle Profile
English Name Masugatayama Castle
Japanese Name 枡形山城
Founder Mita Tsunahide
Year Founded 1558 ?
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Futamato Sta (Oume Line), 10 mins walk to the trailhead
Visitor Information mountain trails, open year round
Time Required
Location Oume, Tokyo
Coordinates 35° 48' 22.50" N, 139° 13' 22.94" E
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Admin Year Visited 2017
Admin Visits December 10, 2017

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