Matsudaira Oh'oku




The "Matsudaira Samurai Residence" in the castle town of Obata is located on the main street which leads up to the castle, bounded by stone walls. Ôoku, its name in Japanese, refers to the inner chambers of a palace or residence. The site is partially open to the public, though there is little to see. An explanation board stands beyond the gate, which, open, invites one in, but then much of the property is barred to the public. The explanation offered dwells on the garden, which was landscaped in the Edo Period, but casual visitors may only expect a glimpse of it. The garden is centered around a still pond without any flowing water, emphasising silence. The house is still lived in and I spoke to one of the inhabitants. The annex of the house adjacent to the garden appears to be the ôoku, or part of it, and it is said that the lady of the house kept her chambermaids here. It is further said that the Shōgun had 15 or so court ladies evacuated during the arrival of Commodore Perry in Edo Bay, and that they stayed here.


  • Matsudaira Oh'oku Profile
    English Name Matsudaira Oh'oku
    Japanese Name 小幡城下町松平武家屋敷・松平大奥
    Year Edo Period
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Features Gates, Garden, House
    Visitor Information Partially open to public (free)
    Location Kanra, Gunma Prefecture
    Castle Obata Jin'ya
    Coordinates 36° 13' 44.18" N, 138° 55' 2.39" E
    Obata Jin'ya and nearby Samurai Homes
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