Matsusaka Gojoban Yashiki




Two rowhouses, or nagaya, housing 10 and 9 apartments each, were built in the Sannomaru Bailey. They housed 20 castle guards and their families. To this day they are still maintained by the descendants of those who originally lived here and 12 of the apartments are rented out. One of them is rented by the city and open to public viewing. Ashigaru nagaya, like this, are exceedingly rare. Two of them in their original condition and location make them an especially important artifact preserving the castle town atmosphere. Like the Shibata Ashigaru Nagaya, this is also an Important Cultural Property.


Matsusaka Gojoban Yashiki Profile
English Name Matsusaka Gojoban Yashiki
Japanese Name 松阪御城番屋敷
Year 1863
Residence Type Ashigaru
Designations Important Cultural Property
Features Garden, House, Warehouses
Visitor Information 10:00-16:00; closed Mondays or the following day if Monday is a National Holiday; free admission
Location Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture
Castle Matsusaka Castle
Coordinates 34° 34' 28.06" N, 136° 31' 36.98" E
Matsusaka Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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Visits November 25, 2011
Added Jcastle 2018

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24 months ago
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The terraced (nagaya) bukeyashiki at Matsusaka Castle. These rowhouses each have their own projecting genkan and backspaces, so they're very splendid and cosy.