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Matsūra-bukeyashiki is located behind the garden Rakusan'en, away from the other bukeyashiki (samurai residences) of Obata-jin'ya. The Matsūra family, whose patriarch served as a high-ranking retainer (specifically a chūrō, which was something like chief lieutenant, though the exact position varied from domain to domain) of the domain, moved into the home in 1867, but the residence is thought to have been built between the middle 18th century and the early 19th century. The main house and garden survive from the Edo period. The residence was extensively restored in the Heisei period. What with its luxuriant garden, the Matsūra-bukeyashiki is a fine example of a high-ranking bushi's family home in a smaller fiefdom.


  • Matsuura Residence Profile
    English Name Matsuura Residence
    Japanese Name 松浦武家屋敷
    Year 1725-1850
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Designations Important Cultural Property, Prefectural Historic Site
    Features Garden, House
    Visitor Information Open 9:00-16:00 from Nov. to Feb., and 9:00-17:00 March to Oct.; Free
    Location Kanra, Gunma Prefecture
    Castle Obata Jin'ya
    Coordinates 36° 13' 34.32" N, 138° 54' 59.54" E
    Obata Jin'ya and nearby Samurai Homes
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