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This is one of the bukeyashiki (samurai homes) located in Ômori Town, site of the famous Iwami silver mines. The Miyake family patriarchs worked at the Ômori-daikansho. They were bureaucrats. Although this home is a prefecturally designated historical site and the much better preserved (or restored?) Muneoka-bukeyashiki is only a municipally designated historical site, to me the Miyake-bukeyashiki looks to be the most modified over time of all of the bukeyashiki I saw in the town. It's just a regular home today! The structure dates to sometime after 1800 as an older home on the site burnt down in a fire which damaged the town.


Miyake Residence Profile
English Name Miyake Residence
Japanese Name 三宅武家屋敷
Year 19th century
Residence Type Lower Class
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Visitor Information Not open to the public
Location Oda, Shimane Prefecture
Castle Ohmori Daikansho
Coordinates 35° 6' 58.14" N, 132° 26' 45.53" E
Ohmori Daikansho and nearby Samurai Homes
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