Mochizuki Murashima Residence




The Mochizuki Residence was moved to the Koka Ninja Village from Mochizuki Murashima Castle. This branch of the Mochizuki clan became doctors in the Edo Period. Since the Koka samurai were already skilled with medicines, becoming doctors was a natural progression. As many of the Koka samurai moved to Edo to take up guard roles at Edo Castle and the peace brought about by the Tokugawa bakufu lessened the call for their skills, I suspect this family thought they could make a better living as doctors. The house retains some of the "tricks" of other Koka samurai homes like a hidden floor, hidden staircase and doors that open up and down. Unfortunately, the house was being used for an ikebana event this day so it was hard to see anything or take pics inside.

This one is typically called the Mochizuki Yashiki, but I've called it Mochizuki Murashima Yashiki after the castle where it was moved from and to distinguish it from the more well known Mochizuki Residence, which was the home of the head of the Mochizuki clan.


  • Mochizuki Murashima Residence Profile
    English Name Mochizuki Murashima Residence
    Japanese Name 望月屋敷
    Year 1800
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Features House
    Visitor Information 10am-5pm, closed Mondays; 1100 yen
    Location Koka, Shiga Prefecture
    Coordinates 34° 55' 13.48" N, 136° 12' 28.69" E
    and nearby Samurai Homes
    Visits June 24, 2023
    Added Jcastle 2023
    Contributor Eric

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